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The Purely Vasectomies Process


Our goal is to change the entire vasectomy experience. Our process involves…


                          • Advanced techniques to ensure you are COMFORTABLE
                                *SEDATION options available

                          • Easy, efficient, and CONVENIENT

                          • Minimally invasive techniques by experienced UROLOGIC SPECIALIST

                          • INFORMATIVE, so all your questions are answered

                          • CLEAR pre & post vasectomy instructions

                          • Providing post vasectomy RECOVERY KIT to ensure quicker healing


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Vasectomy Offices in Phoenix, Gilbert, and Glendale Arizona

You have decided you want the safety and sexual freedom only a vasectomy can bring. You are ready to have the procedure. You start looking online for a urologist who will do a vasectomy in Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, Chandler… you have found the only office dedicated only to performing vasectomies!

At Purely Vasectomies, we are changing the industry on how a vasectomy is performed. Our goal is to make the vasectomy convenient, easy, and comfortable. We offer single appointment consult and vasectomy. Our urologic surgeon has performed thousands of vasectomies, which mean you are in expert hands.

It’s Just Like a Trip to the Dentist!

There is little difference between going to the dentist and the urologist for a vasectomy. Except, your visit with us will probably be faster than your dental cleaning.

When you go to the dentist, your dentist can talk to you, but you can’t talk back. When you have a vasectomy, it is not unusual to have a conversation with your urologist during the procedure.  The procedure will feel similar to anytime you have had a dental filling. We start by applying nitrous oxide, then numb the area (similar feel to when your dentist numbs you), the procedure goes quick and before you know it you are driving home. The whole process is usually less than 1 hour because specialize in only performing vasectomies.

Sedation Option!

The substance most of the world knows as laughing gas is formally referred to as nitrous oxide.. Pure nitrous oxide is not a good idea, so we make nitrous oxide available in the form of a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen that we can control.

N2O sedation isn’t exactly new. It’s been around since 1772. It is safe and effective. There are no lingering side effects.

All You Will Need to Do Is to Wear a Jockstrap for a Couple of Days!

Our expert team and board certified urologic surgeon have done so many vasectomies… they are true pros.  That is why you are very, very unlikely to have any bleeding. You can have some swelling.

A jockstrap keeps the weight of your penis from pulling on the site of the vasectomy. Wearing one is a good idea. It also helps you deal with any swelling in your testicles.

However, you won’t be out of commission for very long. If you have a desk job, you can usually return to work the next day. If your daily activities involve heavy lifting, you may need a few days to be ready for work again.

You will need to skip the gym for a week, and you should not have sex for a week. But most men get through this with minimal or no pain medication.

Some Things Purely Vasectomies Wants to Remind You About the Procedure

No man should hesitate to have a vasectomy because he worries about pain or recovery time. A vasectomy is a minor surgery requiring a few hours at Purely Vasectomies in Phoenix, Gilbert, and Glendale.

But every man contemplating a vasectomy should be sure he has fathered all the children he ever wants or has decided not to have children. We can usually reverse the surgery, but reversals are not guaranteed. Therefore, a vasectomy is considered a permanent procedure.

And if you are still unsure about dealing with the procedure, just call to ask the team at Purely Vasectomies any questions you may have.

Want to know more, or are you ready to have your vasectomy now?

Call us at (844) 667-7376 or email your questions to The offices of Purely Vasectomies are located at 14231 N 7th St., Suite 3A, Phoenix, AZ 85022.

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